I will call amit shah P.A. he would send 1000 workers for rioting – local bjp leader arrested for chaos…


The two have been arrested following the Viral video in which BJP functionaries refused to pay for chicken fried rice at a restaurant in the Ice House area of Chennai after threatening to call Amitsha PA.
Abubakkar runs MSM Malaysian Baroda, a fast food restaurant on Muthiah Nehru Street in the Ice House area of Chennai. On the night of January 11, three BJP executives came to his shop on a bike to buy chicken fried rice, bought a parcel of chicken rice and left without paying. The restaurant staff who saw this immediately went to them and asked for money. Then, there was an argument between the shop staff and the person who bought the parcel.
The restaurant staff informed the Ice House police station about this. Police rushed to the spot, negotiated with the purchasers of the chicken rice parcel and sent them away. Back then, the video of them threatening restaurant employees claiming to be BJP executives and phoning Amit Shah P.A was going viral on social media.

In the video, the person spoke to the restaurant owners: “Where is the money cake? Do you know who I am? Tiruvallikeni Regional Secretary, who comes with me is in the Hindu front. I was watching him. ” Says. To which, the policeman who was there says, “Get out of here quietly.” But the person continued, “What am I, Rowdy? I will call Amit Shah’s PA. 100 people will come and riot, ”he said. After that, the police say again, “Go quiet or you will have to give up.” The person who saw the videotape of what he was saying then said, “We can’t take the video at all. Following the virality of the video on social media, many condemned the person who intimidated the restaurant owner. Subsequently, a complaint was lodged with the Icehouse Police Station regarding the incident on behalf of the restaurant owner. Based on the complaint, the police questioned who was the person who bought the chicken rice parcel and threatened the restaurant owner by name Amit Shah without paying and threatened to cause a riot. During the police investigation, he said, “The person who made the threat was identified as Tiruvallikeni BJP constituency secretary Bhaskar, Ice House BJP regional secretary Purushothaman and Surya. Following this, the Ice House police rushed to the spot and arrested Bhaskar and Purushothaman. Police are looking for Surya. The hashtag ‘OC Chicken Rice BJP’ became a trend on social media.

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